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Argentina, Israel, EEUU y Irán

Paid announcement: the real international connection of the terrorist attacks (Israel Embassy and AMIA)
Israel and the US are attacking Iran: Argentina involved. Who is whom in the terrorist attacks on the Embassy of Israel and AMIA. Role of Venezuela in the struggle against terrorism. By Eng. Jose Petrosino and Dr. Oscar Abudara Bini (ad hoc investigators of the terrorist attacks on the Embassy of Israel and AMIA) -  English, French, and Spanish translation.-

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How much guilt will Argentina bear for cover-up

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Scandal I: year 2003. Judge Galeano, brain of the AMIA case, issued an arrest warrant for an Iranian diplomat. Soleimanpour is arrested in England, no evidence was found and he had to be released, after paying damages.
Scandal II: year 2005. Judge Canicoba Corral repeats Galeano´s move. For 100 votes against 5, Interpol rejects the accusation again for lack of evidence.
Huge scandal 2007. Interpol publicly denounces that American congressmen and the Washington Times are attempting to blackmail it into issuing Red Notices against Iranians.
Scandalous international pressure. February 2007. American government officials visit Argentina to get our country to accuse the ayatollahs of the attack.
Are we getting involved in a war against Iran? Argentina participates in the possible war in which atomic weapons will be used for the first time since Hiroshima.
Will Interpol be able to resist the pressure from Israel, US and Argentina? Hardly possible.
This paid announcement is an open letter to Muslims, Jews and Catholics, to Argentinean government officials, to the people of Argentina and to the future Iranian, Catholic and Jewish victims that will die if the attack is carried out. 
Basis and starting points to understand terrorism
1. Listen to Bugs Bunny
Analyzing the arrest warrants requested by district attorney Nissman that “justify” the attack on Iran, the Jewish-Argentinean newspaper Nueva Sion asks ironically “What´s up doc?”, and provides the answers. First, if all the individuals included in Nissman´s request had already been included in the arrest warrant issued by Galeano… what´s up doc? More evidence? In any case, it means that the same person that today made a huge discovery had already discovered it before and it turned out to be nothing.
Secondly, if now he does not require the arrest warrants of the other 20 that he had requested before: what´s up doc? Before, there was evidence for Nissman, and now there is not? Or is it that evidence appeared against those imputations that were widely broadcast back then?
In any case, again: the same person that today discovered a huge lead had already discovered it two years ago and it turned out to be nothing… Nueva Sion appears to be out of patience and irritated: “why don’t you return Galeano to functions and quit fooling around?”
2. Terrorism in the 90s: compulsive official conspiracy theories vs. investigative hypotheses.
There are two types of approach to modern terrorist attacks. One is the one made by the governments of Israel, US, England and Argentina (Menem). According to these “Official compulsive theories”, within seconds after the attack, “some governments know” that it was the Muslims, and “which” Muslims exactly.
On the contrary, there are Investigative Theories held by European, Argentinean and American investigators. After some investigations, these theories state that the attacks perpetrated in Buenos Aires, Madrid, London and New York may be of the “false flag” type, carried out to accuse another government and then justify a war against it.
3. Interpol denounces pressure and attempts to pervert its functioning.
“… the Washington Times distorts the facts related to the help that INTERPOL has given the Argentinean authorities in the investigation on the attack on AMIA. In said article they incorrectly state that Interpol does not follow its own rules to solve the matter. Those statements are incorrect in respect to the help provided by Interpol in the investigation of the AMIA case, and also in respect to the allegations about Interpol breaking its own rules.
Argentina requested Interpol to issue Red Notices (arrest warrants) for former Iran president and seven other Iranians. Iran challenged said request declaring that it involves political motivations and is based on unfounded and undocumented accusations; therefore, Iran states that agreeing to the request of the OCN of Argentina would go against the Statutes and rules of Interpol. This gave rise to a litigation between the two countries members of INTERPOL”. “The article (of the Washington Times) is based on a press release issued by two members of the US Congress… (but) the proceeding that Interpol is currently carrying out is not only according to our rules, but the Congress of the US and other institutions should support it rather than attack it.
This proceeding guarantees to citizens of America and the whole world, that no country will be able to use INTERPOL to arrest the president, the secretary of defense, the secretary of state, the secretary of the presidency, a soldier, a hired employee, a person performing humanitarian tasks, an employee of a private company or any other person, without the administration of the country of origin having the opportunity to make a statement.
It has recently been informed that a Spanish district attorney has requested arrest warrants against three American soldiers for the alleged murder of a cameraman (Spanish cameraman Couso) during the combats in Iran in 2003. If this case gets to INTERPOL, wouldn’t the US try to make sure that INTERPOL is going to study the matter thoroughly before issuing the corresponding red notices? Of course.
Signed: Ronald K. Noble, General Secretary of INTERPOL. (
4. Many people do not remain silent
-“All the governments have not acted up to the circumstances: witnesses that appeared right before anniversaries, intelligence operations, cassettes that appeared and disappeared… the black money delivered in due time caused that the media to repeat automatically the versions that those in power positions wanted them to” (Jorge Lanata)
-“A report custom made for Bush and Israel. Nisman satisfies the demands made to Kirchner by the Department of State, the Embassy of Israel and the Jewish-American organizations” (Laura Ginsberg, relative of a victim, organization APEMIA)
-“…the “global war against terrorism” started by the US includes us. With the report, the American intention of intervening in our own territory in the Triple Border will gain new strength… and not casually a strategic place due to its proximity to important natural resources such as Acuifero Guarani and Amazonas” (Sergio Zera)
-“The resolution… does not seek to make progress in the search for “truth” or “justice” in connection with the attack on AMIA, but to satisfy the political demands of the US and the Israeli lobby” (Sergio Yunez, IAR Noticias)
-“The AMIA case holds many lessons… both the people and the government officials should understand the extent of the intervention of the Zionist associations in their judicial system, security and even their government” (Iván Reyes Ato, Piura, Perù),
-“The danger of playing with fire. Only one fact indicates that district attorney Nisman´s report should be carefully analyzed: the eight Iranians against whom arrest warrants were requested yesterday to judge Canicoba Corral were already included in a similar request made in 2003 by Nisman himself to Canicoba Corral’s antecessor, Juan Jose Galeano, currently under criminal charges. In a case like AMIA, filled with lies, journalistic operations, false discoveries and huge deficit of evidence, caution should be extreme. And even more in this case, since the report does not contain anything new in connection with the possible plot of the attack, and insists on assuring that certain hypotheses have been proved, when the truth is that they have not been, such as the one about Ibrahim Hussein Berro as eventual suicide driver. On the basis of the 801 pages- out of which 250 are devoted to generalities and context- the government will face a risky dilemma. And no matter what it decides, the decision will generate powerful enemies” (Jorge Urien Berri, La Naciòn )
-“Washington attempts to rewrite the story of the attacks in Buenos Aires. While trying to provide grounds for the accusations against Muslims, the US are attempting to exploit the memory of the attacks perpetrated in 1992 and 1994 in the city of Buenos Aires. In fact, most encyclopedias continue to attribute those crimes to Hezbollah or Iran. Despite that, no one believes in those accusations anymore, and the Argentinean justice itself is currently turning towards an Israeli lead. Consequently, Washington is putting pressure to end an investigation that is becoming uncomfortable.” (Thierry Meyssan, Red Voltaire, France).
5. Argentina is a farce, but the First World does not envy us
If you study the works of the Spanish investigator Del Pino, you can find out the joke of the investigation of the attack in Atocha. Would you like to meet the twin sister of the false Ford truck used in the attack on the Embassy of Israel and the false Traffic used in the attack on AMIA? Meet the False Backpack that the “silly terrorists left behind” in the Spanish station Vallecas.
For the British Benny Hill show, read the articles of American professor James Petras on the lies about the liquid explosives. The US do everything in Hollywood style, so “their” attack on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers is spectacular and cinematographic. For now, America is the only country in which lawyers, organizations, artists and journalists state that there was a self-attack perpetrated by the government. The first Argentineans that investigated the self-attack of 9-11 are Walter Graciano, Víctor Ego Ducrot and Carlos Suárez. Look up the studies of organizations like Red Voltaire , Therry Meyssan and Andreas von Bûlow (European investigators) on the internet. Also Reopen 9-11, Jimmy Walters, William Rodríguez, Stanley Hilton and others in the US. Even the king of rap and hip hop Eminem has made a spectacular hit with a song that goes “Bush knocked down the towers”. You can enjoy the video on
6. How much truth can Argentina say
Argentina admitted before the Interamerican Commission of the OEA that it is guilty of cover-up; it did not say that it would stop, or whom it is covering up, or on account of which national and international interests it is doing it. Thanks to the “use” that is being made of these attacks to attack Iran, we know who these atrocities are useful for.
In the A, B, C of criminalistic there is the million-dollar question: “who benefits from the fact”, so draw your own conclusions.
7. How many false flag attacks are attributed by international investigators to Hezbolla, Iran, Israel and the US
There are no serious investigations accusing the Moors (Hezbolla) or the Persians (Iran) of false flag attacks in the Occidental world. But the list of false flag attacks attributed to Israel and the US is impressive. Look up “false flag+ mossad” or “false flag+ CIA” in Google. If you suffer from heart or stomach disease, consult your physician first.
8. American government officials visit Argentina trying to have the Moors and Persians accused and used for the attack on Iran.
When have you seen this level of interference? What kind of protection was used for such intense carnal relations? There was not a single politician, congressman or journalist that questioned this interference. Imagine an Argentinean Secretary of Justice visiting the US to demand that progress is made in the cases against Bush for being suspected to have caused the attack on the Twin Towers.
9. Brezniew Bzesinski alerts on the need of the US to carry out a new self-attack
First, the English ministers Michael Meadcher and Robin Cook, then former German minister Andreas von Vulgo. Now, the right hand of former president Carter alerts on a false flag attack that the US needs, in order to find a better justification for the attack on Iran. The Argentinean, Chilean, French, German, English, Mexican and American investigators that consider that 9-11 was a self-attack or false flag attack used for the first coup d´etat in the US and also to attack Iraq, are accused of being delusional and holding conspiracy theories
Dare they call Bzesinski delusional as well? Hardly. Such an authority in international politics is ratifying the investigations that denounce that the attacks on Argentina, London, Madrid and New York were false flag operations. Are they considering a third attack in Argentina to accuse Hezbollah, Iran or Muhammad himself?
10. Things as they are
Israel and US admit- surpassing Hitler’s cynicism- that they will use atomic bombs to attack Iran, a country that will “surely” have atomic bombs in the future. And so continue the affirmations that do not convince anyone.
11. Israel and the US
What is going on in the countries that are putting pressure on Argentina to conceal the truth? What are their politics, why do the need permanent war, what information should we turn to, when the utmost lack of information reigns in our country. For an approach of those who criticize the politics of Israel, begin with the Jewish intellectuals like Noam Chomsky, Jeffrey Blankfort, Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, John Kaminski and others.
In a recent book, former president Carter denounced that Israel is as racist as South Africa; Vargas Llosa thoroughly describes the brutal killing of Palestinians after a trip to Israel. Once you have compared these criticisms with the soft words of the Argentineans, you will begin to think that there is some sort of terror among journalists, politicians and intellectuals of our country.
Do not expect the Argentinean media to inform about what is happening in the US; you will have to look it up by yourself. The famous actor Sean Penn said “we took Bill Clinton to impeachment for lying about a fellatio with Ms. Lewinski, and we dare not do anything about Bush, who is lying about terrorist attacks committed in the US, about the war of Afghanistan, about hurricane Katrina, about the war against Iraq, and now a possible invasion of Iran.
If you want to keep your peace of mind, keep on reading Argentinean newspapers, watching the news and Big Brother on TV. On the contrary, if you want some information in Spanish you can visit the sites of REBELION, Red Voltaire, IAR Noticias, Reopen 9-11, look up Stanley Hilton, Alex Jones, Andreas von Bülow, William Rodríguez, scientists for truth, etcetera. Don’t be scared, the proliferation of concordant investigations is overwhelming.
12. Role of Venezuela in the struggle against terrorism
Kirchner´s administration allowed Commander Chavez to say what the world should say when Bush visits South America. Macri´s congressmen, after carrying out “hundreds of manifestations trying to stop Argentina’s involvement in the cover-up of terrorist attacks and the current war commitment with Iran” (new irony), are now upset because a Venezuelan comes here to protest the way we should be protesting. Lavagna´s case is worse: he does not ask for help or say anything about the interference and carnal relations. Carrio´s position in these subjects is disgraceful.
Argentinean citizens are not told that American investigators have also turned to Venezuela requesting similar help. Members of “Reopen 9-11”, one of the most important organizations investigating the self-attack on the Twin Towers, Jimmy Walter and William Rodriguez, got the Venezuelan parliament to question the official story of said attack and open an independent investigation.
Why are Americans turning to Venezuela for help? Because the conditions are not set in the US to thoroughly investigate Bush’s possible involvement in those attacks and the possible complicity of Israel. If you can stand it, see the evidence provided by Reopen 9-11 and other organizations on how and why Bush is most likely to have been the author of the 9-11 attacks. You can also see the articles that denounce the possible complicity of Israel in the matter and learn about the Israeli spies that have already been arrested by the FBI.
13. Awakening of Argentina: from right to left
In the liberal newspaper “La Nacion”, Sanchez Zinni remembers that the games with the Empire usually end badly for a lot of people. A left wing embassy (politician Pablo Cafiero, priest Farinello and popular politician Luis D´Elia) traveled to Iran to relieve the two parts of the problem that involves Argentina. One, the atomic attack; the other, the false accusation of terrorism on the Persians for the attack on AMIA.
After the State Terrorism of the 70´s we went to war against England; after the state terrorism of the 90´s we got involved in an atomic war against Iran. It turns out that Argentinean government officials are winners in theft and corruption, but losers when it comes to international politics that affect the patrimony of the country.
14. Finally, debate begins among religious men
The most progressist rabbi Dr. Bergman criticized Father Farinello´s trip to Iran, and quickly gained the support of the Bishop Quilmas. Quilmas, superior of Farinello, said that the priest’s trip to Teheran was personal and clarified the difference stating that: “The cause of peace and justice are the mission of the church, which encourages dialog between peoples and religions”
If you take the statements of the Bishop literally, traveling to Iran to express the obvious truth (the Argentinean justice is under suspicion) is anti-Catholic. And taking affection and solidarity to the possible victims of an atomic attack- that is, millions of Muslims, many Catholics and Jews- is contrary to dialog between peoples and religions. And that starting communication with a satanized people is not encouraging dialog between Argentinean and Iranian people and their religions.
If we continue (only with polemic motives, because we do not believe that the church would agree with these ideas) we should make the corresponding deduction. Which is: if we support the ignominy of the investigation on the Embassy of Israel and AMIA, accuse foolishly any Argentinean and Moor pointed out by Israel and the US, embark in delirious suicide crusades against the Muslim world, resign our ancestral policy of inter-religious dialog, all of that would be concordant with the church. And marching happily into an atomic incursion against a far away land supposed to be one of the most democratic of the Muslim world, this would also be acting as a good Catholic Argentinean.
Let us see things the proper way, revaluing the secure sources of catholic inspiration given by the Father of the Nation. After having crossed over the Andes, and hours away from General San Martin’s fight against the “realistas”, he was working with his friars to put the cause of the Liberty of America in relation to God and Christianity of the Argentineans. The Goths did something similar, and if we were in that circumstance today, every catholic would know what church to go to (same goes for Muslims and Jews)
The Argentinean church took “its time” in times of state terrorism of the 70´s, and later on, it simply resorted to connivance (see Verbitsky´s book). We pray for something like this never to happen again. From our point of view, Father Farinello´s trip is concordant with dialog among peoples and religions and the cause of world peace and justice against terrorist attacks.
What did Father Farinello miss? The absence that shines in the darkness is not his fault. The meeting that the humble Argentinean priest held with Muslim clergies and rabbis shone even more, due to the absence of an Argentinean rabbi. Make sure there is an Argentinean rabbi in the next trip to Teheran!
15) State reasons in the attacks and their cover-up
In due time we praised Kirchner´s position when he put a hold on Bush’s impetus in Mar del Plata, as the American president attempted to line us up behind his craziness, under the pretext of considering terrorism “just the way he feels about it”. It is vox populi that the president and his wife have been receiving coercion in and from the US and Israel much more seriously and blatantly than Interpol denounces. The politicians of the opposition do not make the slightest comment about the subject, nor do they stand up for our country in face of such an interference and manipulation of the Argentinean presidential institution. Macri, Telerman, Filmus, Carrio, Lopez Murphy, Lavagna and others have not said a word. Could Kirchner do a lot more? Yes, on the condition that the entire population is told the truth that is known about international pressure for the cover-up of the attacks, manipulation of judges, buying off false witnesses and more, but mostly, about the involvement that the country is facing.
Who really did it and how can this be solved
16. There are three hypotheses about “who did it”
The Official Story (Israel, Argentina and the US) states that the local connection was the police of the province of Buenos Aires, and the international connection were the Persians. Laura Ginsberg (wife of a victim and head of the organization APEMIA), assumes that the attacks were perpetrated by “Menemacy”, with the secondary complicity of Israel and the US. We think that there is enough evidence in both cases- Embassy of Israel and AMIA- to start an investigation on the Israeli-American lead on authorship, and on Menemacy for cover-up and omissions.
It took years to destroy the false local connection; the international connection in the AMIA case has just begun to be questioned, and the embarrassment about the false accusation on Hezbollah in the case of the embassy has not begun yet. It is not necessary to wait another 20 years to show that the international connections (Moors and Persians) are as false here as they are in New York.
We can start to investigate the other international leads, and no files need to be borrowed from the national 007s; it is enough to take the evidence in both cases (embassy and AMIA) seriously. We are envious when we see famous rappers as Eminem and lawyers of the establishment like Stanley Hilton saying in the US that the authorship of the Muslims is as fake as in Argentina, but that the possible authorship of the government can be perfectly denounced and investigated.
Do you know why no one will tell you that there is a debate in the US and prestigious and important organizations are tearing apart the official story of Bush? Because of the risk of you “opening your mind” and beginning to think that there is a similar modus operandi here and there.
18. Why it is necessary to erase Iran from the map
While Iran was governed by a bloodthirsty, fundamentalist, evil monarch, the US had no problem with that. Remember the covers of Life magazine with pictures of the Sha Palevi and his beautiful wife. But those who overthrew the monarch came up with the worst idea, the unthinkable, “craziness that convicts them” to the atomic attack.
After the Sha of Iran was defeated, the first thing that the US did was ask Saddam Hussein to attack, so they managed for Iran and Iraq to fight a brutal war of eight years, from which Iran came out stronger. Since the Persians are “stubborn”, they continued to develop economy and democracy.
Honest Americans will help you understand this clearly; listen to us and rent the film “Syriana” produced and starred by George Clooney, along with Matt Damon, Christopher Plummer and other big stars of Hollywood. That film clearly explains that Iran is the most advanced democracy of the Middle East, with an overwhelming level of education and phenomenal economic development. The film shows how corrupt Arab sheikhs are supported, and a sheikh that attempts to use petroleum to free women, promote education and improve the economy and health (advised in the film by Matt Damon), is shot with an “intelligent” missile by the CIA and blown up along with his wife and kids.
The fictional reality of the film equals the historic reality of the Iranians. These Persians, rather than using petroleum to live the crazy life in Paris and do corrupt business with the American rulers of the oil industry, derive the profit to the “satanic” end of developing the economy, health and education. That is why their ambassador in Argentina, educated in the finest European universities, beats Nisman.
After returning from Iran, Father Farinello and politicians Cafiero and D´Elia showed a video that shows the overwhelming culture of the Iranian Jews, the ayatollah functionaries and the delicate intelligence of their women.
Going back to the geopolitical issue, it must be accepted that there is another “biblical crime” for which they deserve an atomic attack, because these ayatollahs maintain a good coexistence with Jews and Catholics. This example must not spread! Because otherwise the lie about the War of Civilizations would fall apart!
From a geopolitical point of view, Iran is a strategic key for the general control of the Persian Golf, that is, the totality of the petroleum of the Arabic countries. If you do not understand the magnitude of this, think about the reason why the Falklands were taken from us, why it is necessary for Argentina to “lose” the Patagonia region, the control of the South Atlantic, the riches of that area and access to the Antarctic, along with that monumental reservoir of blue petrol called water.
19. Is the invasion of Iran safe?
It is possible that Israel and the US will have to desist since the correlation of forces prior to the attack appears to be dangerous. Many observers think that the invasion will be safe; others believe that the US is wise to acknowledge the importance of Iran and will ask them to solve the situation they have in Iraq.
Invasion or not, the manipulation of the Argentinean institutions and the international pressure have been unmasked. Israel and the US are “crazy but not stupid”, because the Persians have serious armies and armament, anti-aerial defences against invisible aircrafts and important missiles. Israel has already lost twice (once military, then in the media) in the Lebanon before the minuscule war of Hezbollah, and cannot afford another monumental defeat.
We have held a debate with American friends, some democrat, some pro-bush republicans. The first say that the American blood spilled in Iraq is enough; the others say that it is not, because no “stricto sensu Americans” die in the Iraqi swamp as in Vietnam, but mostly Latinos.
But the Americans know that something worse than the Falkland War can happen to the British, if the Persians hit on their aircraft carriers inside the mousetrap in which they are at the Golf.
At the same time, most people believe that the broken moral of the Israeli population would not tolerate a rain of high calibre missiles, compared to the prehistoric Russian Katiushkhas received recently. The democrats are hardly going to risk the next and imminent victory by allowing or supporting Bush’s attempt.
But it is not time for Walt Disney illusions, because rationality can be divided like Tupac Amaru and incarcerated half in Abu Ghraib and half in Guantanamo.
20. Israeli general Rabin and Palestine leader Arafat are resuscitated, and Bill Clinton returns
The political scene is readjusting all over the world, starting by former president Jimmy Carter, who explains the average American that human rights do not reign in Israel. Former Secretary of Foreign Relations of Israel Shlomo Ben-Ami, mentor of peace conversations of Camp David (residence of the American president), stands out in the changes. This personality that comes from the kidney of the Israeli establishment recommends returning to the parameters that the advanced Bill Clinton proposed, which abandonment generated so much blood and destruction.
In the early 90´s the grand international politics coincided in the fact that the conditions were given for a great peace agreement and political solution between Palestines and Israelis, by virtue of the decision of their great men in Israel (Rabin), Palestine (Arafat) and US (Clinton). In order to break this period, terrorist attacks all over the world (Argentina, London, Madrid and New York), wars all over (Afghanistan, Iraq), a coup d´etat that destroyed centuries of American democracy (Patriot Act), devastation of the Argentinean national patrimony (Menemacy) and an epidemic of terror that infected the entire world, were necessary.
To return to the position of Clinton, it takes a dose of sanity from the Middle East (from Palestine to Iran), an expulsion of Bush, serious support from Europe, Russia and China, and a little effort from the rabbis, imams and the Vatican. If this works, Argentina will be able to abandon its role of accomplice for dirty tasks against terrorism.
21. In conclusion, the horizon is favourable
The need for a change in the American and Israeli politics in Palestine, the step back before Korea and presumably Iran, the economic and political help from Chavez, and the end of the Era of Bush in the US, are coming together. There is a defeat of Israel and the US in the cases for terrorism in Argentina (embassy, AMIA), because they have failed to achieve the perfect cover-up.
All of this shows a favourable context to get out of the national and international swamp that the state terrorism of the 90´s meant for Argentineans.
Argentina was a pioneer in the struggle against state terrorism of the 70s, and is in conditions to set an example for people investigating in Atocha, investigating in London, and fighting the false flag attack on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers.
The Catholic anti-terrorist citizen has the double task of counteracting the repugnant manoeuvres of terrorism against the catholic doctrine and provocations to the religious sentiment of the Muslims that permanently go along with these attacks, not to mention the coercion received by the Jews.
You can offend Muhammad and say whatever you want about Christ, because even Hollywood will be on your side. But don’t even think about questioning the ultra conservative Israelis. Who is worse today? A Muslim whose religious sentiment cannot be broken, a Catholic who is plastic for doubt and angst, or a Jew condemned to have certainty aside from any debate, any doubt, and especially, any dialog with his monotheist brothers.
The renowned philosopher Roger Garaudy said last year that in the international context of paranoia generated by Bush with his false War of Civilizations, the revolution is converting to Islam. Maybe the ultimate revolution would be adopting the point of view and sentiment of the Jews. Only then would we be able to understand the mess they got into, and how they have globalized asphyxia in Europe, Middle East, the US and Argentina.
22. If you don’t care…
Some people think “what do I care about attacks in which Bolivian bricklayers died, like in the Embassy of Israel, and middle and low class Catholic and Jewish Argentineans, like in AMIA?”
We answer said indifference with a phrase of Bertold Brech: first they came for the attacks, but we did not care. Then they turned to manipulating justice and buying off judges and witnesses, but we did not care. Then they involved us in an attack on Iran, but we did not worry because the Persians live far away. Tomorrow they will be coming after our natural resources and they will find Argentinean people without the capacity to defend themselves like Afghans, Iraqis and Lebanese do.
The Persians are teaching us a lesson, similar to the one taught yesterday by North Koreans when, at the time of American coercion, they said “one day I said enough, and took a stand”. It is surprising that our militaries are not showing joy for the new life of the Armed Forces and the real hypotheses of conflict that the penguins started recently, as well as the beginning of the education of the population regarding civil resistance.
Since 1992 we have been sold the idea that the dirty tricks pulled by Menem in the Middle East led Moors (Hezbollah) and Persians (Iranians) to the terrorist attacks on the Embassy of Israel and AMIA. According to our investigation, the things are the other way around.
The politics of the modern state terrorism have caused these attacks, to attribute them later on to whomever and whatever it is necessary. The intellectual Chomski reminds us that it is not the first time that the US starts a war “against” terrorism “with” terrorism.
First, they have placed the Jewish population under permanent attacks, and then, as it clearly appears now, they use these attacks to justify any barbaric actions in Middle East. Why did we wake up immediately before the state terrorism of the 70s, but are still asleep before the state terrorism of the 90s?
There are no Carter Peace Missions, support from singers like Sting and no “Madres de Plaza de Mayo” for the second one. In order to de-satanize the Persians, we had to travel to Iran. In order to demystify the terrorist attacks and understand that there is a logic and coherence between what started in Buenos Aires in 1992 and later included Madrid, London and New York, we have to “travel” to the heart of the investigations that are being carried out throughout the world.
Do not expect the media to show you this, because the journalistic patriots and the whole political community prevent this from being broadcast in Argentina. However, most investigations are on the internet; we have to take seriously the phrase “the people want to know what it is about”.
23. How do we get out of the swamp of both terrorist attacks? Judicial via crucis versus political decision
We have made judicial presentations in the cases of the Embassy of Israel and AMIA, providing the hints and possible evidence that demand an investigation of Israel.
Can our helpless and dependent country investigate an attack perpetrated by Israel in partnership with the US? The answer is “not today”.
Contrary to a judicialization, we believe that there are ways for a quick political solution that will benefit Israel, the US and all the Argentineans, victims included. This subject will be included in a future communication.